About me

Hi there!
Welcome to my webshop 'ONO Jewelry'. This webshop is the icing on the cake after several years of hard work and study. 
Jewelry always had a special place in my life.  As a child I used beads and polymer clay or I used the skin of a babybel cheese (who didn't, right?) to sculpt a ring.  Making and wearing jewelry has always fascinated me. 
It's funny, because when you think it trough, jewelry doesn't really have any functionality.  It only serves to make our lives a little more beautiful. 
They are used as the crowning glory of a beautiful relationship, a memory, a treat for ourselves or a gift for our loved ones.  We all love jewelry!
That's why goldsmithing is the most beautiful profession in the world to me. 
Through my jewelry I am part of your love, friendship, memories and joy.
Thank you for that!