How do I take care of my precious ONO Jewelry?

Although our jewelry is only made from the highest quality materials, they are sensitive to external influences. Read more about how you can take good care of your jewelry and enjoy it for a long time!

No matter how much we love sports (ahum?), our jewelry doesn't at all. They don't like sweat, so it's best to remove your jewelry before you start exercising or doing intensive work!

Besides sweat, your jewelry is not a fan of chemicals, detergents, shampoos, soap, bath salts, perfumes and things like that. So keep your jewelry in a safe place before you start cleaning and remove them when you take that well-deserved bath or dive in the pool. 

In your morning routine, jewelry always comes last. Always apply your day cream, sun cream, hair products and perfume first. Once these have been nicely absorbed, you can put on your jewelry as the icing on the cake. 

Keep your jewels, when you are not wearing them always in your original ONO Jewelry box. The foam inlay not only ensures that they are safely stored, but also keeps them dry and prevents discoloration and tarnish. You will always get a suitable box for each piece of jewelry you purchase. This way you can't scratch your pieces or they can't get tangled up.

Preferably, you don't keep your jewellery in the bathroom. It is far too humid and jewels don't like that! 

With these tips you will be able to enjoy your ONO jewelry for a long, long time.

By the way, In our webshop you can purchase a cleaning cloth to polish your jewelry for that little extra touch up !