> How do I take care of my precious ONO Jewelry? 

Take a look at our <Care> page for some tips & tricks ! 

> Tell me more about the materials you use and the sustainability of your jewelry and packaging ! 

Look at our <Quality + Materials + Sustainability> page.  We love to share our inside information with you !  

> What does gold plated mean?

Gold plated means that the piece does not consist of solid gold, but that it is a silver jewel with a real golden layer over it. This is a layer of 3 microns thick, which is certainly enough to have long lasting enjoyment of necklaces or earrings.  

For quality reasons we do not make gold plated rings. Rings often suffer from wear and tear due to the daily use of our hands. Rings can only be purchased in solid silver or solid gold*.

Believe us, it is worth the investment!

*Jewelry from solid gold is made on request only.  You will not be able to buy a piece in solid gold directly from our website, because we simply don't have any gold in stock.  If you want a solid gold jewel, we buy gold and make your piece to measure. 

Contact us for more details, we love to keep you informed !

> The design of my dreams is sold out, now what?

We do our utmost to keep our jewels in a small stock at all times, but as you know, everything is made by hand by one person and that, of course, takes its time.  Sometimes certain pieces go out of production and make way for new designs.  Do you really want to buy a certain piece of jewelry that is no longer available? 

Please send us an email and let's see how i can make you happy!

> I would like to design a ring myself, is that possible?/Do you make weddingrings?

That is certainly possible.  Please contact me and I'll see what I can do for you and if I can make the design of your dreams!

> I can't find my answer on the FAQ page, what now?

Just send us an email.  We will always try to answer you within 2 working days.  

For all your questions info@onojewelry.be

> How does your shipping and return service work? 

Check our <Shipping & Return> page to learn more about the easy and transparent shipping and return policy that we pursue.

> When I see HP* in the description of the jewelry I wan't to buy, what does it means?  

HP* means that this jewel was not entirely manufactured by ONO Jewelry. HP* stands for Hand Picked which means that this jewel has been meticulously and carefully selected and tested especially for you. We guarantee the same quality for these jewels as for all handmade jewels.

These jewels are selected for you because this is the best choice on the market.